“Open the Bag and Discover the Evolution of indie pop/rock Music! Get ready for a Surprising Journey where a Mix of different genres blends together…”



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Dr KeyBaG and the Lead Singer:

This song has a great beat and the instrumentals actually remind me of a mix between modern music and BEATLES era tunes!”

Wow, This song sounds super cool, people will really enjoy it. The guitar is extremely refreshing and the chorus is filled with energy!”

I would so listen to this song and any others like it in the car, while showering, while walking around campus, or just any other time when I needed a pick me up!”



Musical World of Dr KeyBaG

The past two decades I’ve been living, breathing, sleeping, eating, laughing, crying music, it’s always there with me and what I’ve found out to be the most important thing for me as a singer/songwriter – musician is to communicate with my listeners, get them to understand how important this is to me. And even better, maybe get them to feel the same way!

For me, there is no greater feeling then when you talk to someone and finds out you got the same favorite bands, listen to the same music genres, maybe been to the same concerts. That makes you feel connected. Or even better when someone in the audience comes backstage after a gig letting you know that he/she loved your performance. That is the feeling I live for and also what I’ve been trying to give to my fans over the last 20 years. I’ve been playing in a couple of great swedish bands over the years as a bass player and I’ve loved it. It’s been awesome and the feeling when you’re up on stage sweating, shouting, jumping with your bandmates, it’s just the best. However when I decided to give my solo project Dr KeyBaG and the Lead Singer a go I found myself to be able to form the music to my own. I didn’t have to focus on a particular genre, I could just combine them as I wanted. And that said, if you decide to listen more to my music and maybe follow me along my musical road you will (hopefully) find some knew ways for us to communicate – you as a listener and me as a songwriter.

Thank you for being a listener and for making it all matter.

/Martin, Dr KeyBaG and the Lead Singer




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