Brandon Flowers and Krist Novoselic, what do they have in common!!?

Hey y’all!

Just wanted to share some thoughts…

When I first started my career as a musician I was totally in to the electric bass. I did nothing but practice scales, playing techniques, walking lines, slap bass, motown lines, disco grooves – just about everything there was to learn. I studied for about 6 years to be as good as I could get and I remember me and my class mates being up all night jamming around on all kinds of music styles – jazz, fusion, experimental. It was absolutely wonderful:)
Of course, all along this journey I always came back to my roots: alternative rock, hard rock, post grunge, indie rock/pop – the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, the Smashing Pumpkins, the Killers and so on… music that just makes me feel alive!!

But… what I would like to say here is that I had absolutely no interest in lyrics! I was always much more listening for the energy in songs, what the band together as a whole (lead singer included) could communicate as a soundscape, and that said I didn’t have the need to focus on the lyrics but much more on the melody that was sung. I don’t know if any of you have had that same experience?

Over the years I’ve been focusing more on my voice, taking lessons, getting interested in different techniques, and above all I’ve found out how fantastic it is for me to express myself with words!! It’s just the best, I love it when I’m in front of an audience (doesn’t matter if it’s 60 people or a thousand people, the feeling is the same. And since I’ve discovered this to be the most important thing for me I’ve also grown a huge interest in lyrics. I write all my lyrics by myself and have found it to be really satisfying to tell stories about this and that. Sometimes it’s about things that I’ve experienced myself and sometimes it’s just a thought that comes to my mind or something someone tells me that I can elaborate on.

Since I’ve grown this interest in lyrics I just wanted to share some lines from songs that I think is just amazing and has inspired me a lot. It would be awesome if you’d like to share your thoughts on what the lyrics in songs means to you and maybe if you got any particular song writers that you find to stand out… or anything else you want to share:)

Lake of Fire
This one I actually thought for a long time to be an original song by Nirvana. I even heard stories about how Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic had written the lyrics together… how wrong was I!! It’s written by Meat Puppets as early as in 1984 as a promo single but ended up at Too High to Die released in 1994. What about these lines:

Now the people cry and the people moan
And they look for a dry place to call their home
And try to find some place to rest their bones
While the angels and the devils try to make them their own

I appear missing
Simply the best entrance to a song that I’ve ever heard. Queens of the Stoneage at it’s best!! The words, I’m pretty sure, are written by Dean Fertita but please correct me if I’m wrong;)

Calling all comas,
Prisoner on the loose.
A spitting image of me
Except for the heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out

Read my mind
I see the Killers as one of the most intricate indie pop/rock (whatever genre you choose) bands there is when it comes to arranging their tunes and taking unexpected turns. Listen to ‘When you were young’ and you’ll see what I mean! Brandon Flowers has called ‘Read my mind’ ”the best song he has ever written”. Since it’s been a decade ago (Sam’s Town, 2007) maybe he thinks he has written something even better now:) These are a few lines from Read my mind:

The good old days, the honest man
The restless heart, the Promised Land
A subtle kiss that no one sees
A broken wrist and a big trapeze

Any particular lyrics you like? Any song writers that stands out? Anything else you wanna share?

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Take care everybody!!

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